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The cycle continues!
The cycle continues!
Racoco has been quiet recently, rehearsing, archiving, planning--and fundraising.

Our recent collaborations with visual artist Stephanie Beck and composer Lynn Wright have used paper to explore how landscapes are continually created and reshaped, by both geological and human forces.

The process is not unlike that of a dance company - exciting outbursts of activity separated by periods of almost invisible change. That groundwork is essential for the "eruptions" to take place.

As we prepare for the next eruption, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to Racoco Productions.

In the new year, we'll present the next installment of the paper production, "Manifest". We've also received funding from the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs to present a new work, "Slaughter on Nth Avenue," inspired by the writings of blogger and journalist Glenn Greenwald, in a rare political turn for Racoco. And Rachel has been selected to participate in "Seniors Partnering with Artists Citywide".

As usual, grants and ticket sales are not enough to cover the expenses of paying dancers a living wage, working with composers and visual artists, renting rehearsal space in NYC, insurance, publicity, etc. Racoco is dedicated to paying all of its collaborators, without whom none of our crazy ideas could be realized!

Please help us continue the cycle by making a tax-deductible contribution to Racoco Productions.

Any level of contribution helps!

Thank you. You play an essential role in the art we make.

New! Rachel in There's No Law (in 6x6x6!)
New! Rachel in There's No Law (in 6x6x6!)
New! Rachel in There's No Law (in 6x6x6!)
579 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
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Friday, December 5th 2014  -  9:00pm
Saturday, December 6th 2014  -  7:00pm
While Racoco is in the studio, creating new work, Rachel C is moonlighting with improvisation group There's No Law, with Irene Siegel and Michael Henry.

There's No Law is a​n improvisational performance collective drawing inspiration from Ruth Zaporah's Action Theater form. Journeying in the unknown through movement, sound, and narrative, the work scratches away the dull patina of daily life to reveal the glow of madness and pathos just below the surface.

From a variety of backgrounds, TNL members share a taste for flying by the seats of their pants, creating worlds on the spot with no props, no script -- no law. Their unfurling worlds careen between the funny, the poignant, the ridiculous, the pointed, and the sublime, all in the space of an embodied moment.

Come see us in December!
Road trip: Fête de Danse in Plattsburgh, NY
Road trip: Fête de Danse in Plattsburgh, NY
Road trip: Fête de Danse in Plattsburgh, NY
25 Brinkerhoff Street, Plattsburgh, NY
Friday, August 1st 2014  -  7:30pm
Saturday, August 2nd 2014  -  7:30pm
price : $25 general public/$20 members
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Our friends at Norte Maar have invited us to perform at the newly renovated Strand Theater in Plattsburgh, NY, Rachel's hometown, with Gleich Dances Contemporary Ballet and MADboots dance co.

Racoco will perform "Paper/Chase," the latest iteration of our recent collaboration with visual artist Stephanie Beck and composer Lynn Wright.

More information here!

1351 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY
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Saturday, June 21st 2014  -  3:00pm
Sunday, June 22nd 2014  -  3:00pm
Sunday, June 22nd 2014  -  6:00pm
Monday, June 23th 2014  -  8:00pm
price : FREE
Tonight is the final night of Detritus at 1351 Amsterdam Avenue in Harlem as part of chashama's Summer Performance Series. Visual artist Stephanie Beck, composer Lynn Wright, and choreographer Rachel Cohen continue their exploration of paper. They began in an empty space and during a series of performances have slowly built a shifting paper landscape.

Walk past the window, come inside to interact with the installation, and stay for a performance!

Featuring Masumi Kishimoto and Pablo Ruvalcaba and special guests.

The installation is open all day, and the performance starts at 8pm.

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