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Racoco's Annual Spring Wine Tasting<br />
Racoco's Annual Spring Wine Tasting
Tuesday, June 5th 2012  -  6:30pm
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1st Annual WAH Center Spring Dance Festival
1st Annual WAH Center Spring Dance Festival
1st Annual WAH Center Spring Dance Festival
135 Broadway, Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY
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Saturday, May 5th 2012  -  8:00pm
A two-night program of dance and performance, curated by Yana Schnitzler (artistic director of Human Kinetics Movements Arts), presented as part of Spring Fling, an international juried exhibition and Spring Festival, featuring music, Taste of Williamsburg smorgasbord from delicious local eateries, as well as an artist market, flower show, and other special programs, April 21-May 27, 2012.
Soak Festival at CAVE
Soak Festival at CAVE
Soak Festival at CAVE
58 grand st brooklyn, 11211
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Wednesday, May 2nd 2012  -  8:00pm
Thursday, May 3rd 2012  -  8:00pm
As part of CAVE's first annual Soak Festival Racoco/Rx presents "I Would," the latest installment of the company's Tilt project.

In Tilt, a blend of dance, theater and sculpture inspired by Don Quixote and tales of chivalry, eight performers build, deconstruct, and reconstruct wooden objects and costumes around themselves in a physical manifestation of the emotional and psychological structures we build, tear down, and re-create around ourselves.

Composer Lynn Wright

Technical consultant Leighton Edmondson

Two different casts:
May 2: Carolina Antunes, Rachel Cohen, Alisa Fendley, Remi Harris, Rebecca Ketchum, Masumi Kishimoto, Olgierd Minkiewicz, Alex Rodebaugh, Susan Steinman

May 3: Carolina Antunes, Rachel Cohen, Patricia Chen, Alisa Fendley, Ashley Ford, Jordan Gehley, Remi Harris, Masumi Kishimoto, Carissa Toro

We hope to see you there!
26 Bushwick Avenue, Brooklyn NY
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Saturday, April 21st 2012  -  8:00pm
price : $10
Eclectic collaborations between (mostly) local composers and choreographers, hosted by Racoco/Rx. With solos by choreographers/directors Rachel Cohen of Racoco/Rx, Yana Schnitzler of human kinetics, and Ursula Scherrer and composers Ian Colletti, Chris Becker and more.

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