Rachel Cohen

racoco productions - artistic director
Rachel Cohen has been choreographing and performing in New York City since 1997, and created Racoco Productions in 2003. She graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Performance as Communication, a self-designed major; she studied dance and choreography with Claire Mallardi. Ms. Cohen is a certified Action Theater improvisation teacher (for more see http://www.actiontheater.com).

Influential teachers include Carolyn Lord, Mary Anthony, Bertram Ross, Heather Cornell, Rafael Bianciotto, Patricia Cross, and Joanne Conroy, Olga Baigas. She has performed with There's No Law, Olek, Julie Atlas Muz, SHUA Group, Ariane Anthony + Company, Mary Anthony Dance Theater, Christopher Caines Dancers, Le Minh Tam, and Theodora Skipitares, among others.

photo: Robert Polkosnik
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