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Bonjour Rachel
Comment vas tu?
Nous t adressons nos meilleurs souvenirs de la Drôme provençale
Alain et Sylvie avec notre amitié

Chetaille    -   01/17/2015


Hi. Friend of Jason Andrew. I'm trying to get a 'meaningful dance experience' going for myself, though a 'lay' not a 'professional' dancer by any means. I've started writing all this down, so read a bit of the link to my new dance journal, below, and tell me what you think. I do believe we talked after a Cage Transmitted performance over pizza! -best,sarah

Sarah Schmerler    -   08/20/2013


Hi Rachel! So good to meet you at Monique's party! Please keep in touch & let Ethan & I know about upcoming performances & etc. Im trying to find you on FB (I found Racoco) but there seem to be 6,000 Rachel Cohens. Friend me! Friend me! xx
Daniela Kanfer    -   06/11/2012

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