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There's still time to contribute in 2018!
There's still time to contribute in 2018!
Thank you to everyone who has contributed to Racoco this year! If you'd still like to make a fully tax-deductible contribution in 2018 it's not too late! Thank you, and a very happy new year!
Action Theater improvisation for everyone!
Action Theater improvisation for everyone!
To be held in Bushwick, Brooklyn, near the Morgan stop on the L
Tuesdays in November, 6:00pm-7:30, Rachel will be teaching an introductory level Action Theater* class exploring basic principles of Action Theater improvisation. Whether you're a neophyte or an experienced practitioner, come and play!

*Action Theater is an improvisational physical theater training and performance method created by Ruth Zaporah, integrating movement, vocalization, and speech into present expression.
Support underexposed art
Support underexposed art
As major art and entertainment producers are tainted with scandal, consider supporting small organizations that treat their collaborators with respect.

Racoco is proud to be part of New York City's respectful and hard-working community of small arts organizations. And you play an essential role in the art we make.

This Giving Tuesday, please consider supporting Racoco with a (still!)-fully-tax-deductible contribution.

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