WIM Salon #31
WIM Salon #31
WIM Salon #31
188 6th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215
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Saturday, April 13th 2024  -  5:30pm
price : $15-$25 sliding scale entry at door (CASH or VENMO ONLY); $12 if purchased ahead of time.
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This Saturday, April 13 Women in Motion present their Salon #31, with work by Racoco, Barbara Mahler, Collo & Adrienne, Caroline Ayn Nelson-Perrelly, and ERELONG.

Remi Harris and Masumi Kishimoto will perform the latest developments in "Assemblage", our collaboration with composer Chris Becker.


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The masterpiece MASTERPEACE
The masterpiece MASTERPEACE  -  04/08/2024
Today, April 8, is the grand release of MASTERPEACE, written by our friend Olek, and edited by Rachel.

In 'Masterpeace', an artist's personal exploration intertwines with Socratic dialogues between the artist, AI, a Poet, and Karma to illuminate an awakening to a philosophy of materialization, collective consciousness, and the essential role of artists in hacking the existing program and creating a new one.

Some reader responses:

"Every morning I wake up an hour earlier so I can read before the day starts"

"I find the book to have an extraordinary form and it addresses topics that don't seem to go hand in hand at first glance."

"This book is brilliant!"

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Action Theater improvisation for everyone
Action Theater improvisation for everyone  -  12/01/2023
Stay tuned for new classes in June...

Explore the basic principles of Action Theater* improvisation. Whether you're a neophyte or an experienced practitioner, come and play!

Please contact Rachel for details.

*Action Theater is an improvisational physical theater training and performance method created by Ruth Zaporah, integrating movement, vocalization, and speech into present expression.

And for additional classes with the brilliant Cass Tunick, click here!

La Promesse
La Promesse  -  10/08/2022
Photographer Marilia Destot invited us to perform at the closing of her show "La Promesse" at The Blanc Gallery in Midtown Manhattan, sowing the seeds of a future expanded collaboration.
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