How Many Licks



How Many Licks excerpt



How Many Licks


year created: 2003


length: 35 minutes


number of performers: 5 dancers, plus 7 extras (can be community members, see below)


technical requirements: Minimal. The masks are hung from the ceiling or grid.


costumes by: Olek
Masks can be created as part of a Racoco Productions laboratory, see below


music by: Barry Russell and The Yorkshire Classic Brass (recorded; can also be played live)


lighting by: Sarah Sidman


summary: A slightly twisted suite chronicling the exhilaration and desperation inherent in birthdays. Using masks, whimsical costumes, and a variety of traditional dance forms, 5 performers explore the darker side of parlor games, peeling through layers to illustrate that the packaging and the contents are sometimes difficult to distinguish. If your head were a piņata, what would you find inside?


"laboratory" workshop options: How Many Licks can be accompanied by a workshop in which community members create their own piņata masks, play with mask technique, and learn a section of the choreography, then perform in the finale with the cast. Good for all ages.

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