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Racoco R&D  -  09/13/2011
We're deep into research and development for our next major project, Tilt.

If you'd like to be a member of the Tilt commissioning team, please click "Become a Tilt commissioner!" to make a contribution. Everything helps!

Thank you!

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Alisa Fendley's Fingerprints Projects Fundraiser Party/Performance
Alisa Fendley's Fingerprints Projects Fundraiser Party/Performance  -  03/12/2011
Alisa Fendley started performing with Racoco this past summer. Her company, Alisa Fendley's Fingerprints Projects, is having a fundraising party and performance to raise money for her latest work, Tenderized.
For more information about Alisa's company and party, click here »
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Racoco gets a Greek presence
Racoco gets a Greek presence  -  02/13/2011
In 2006 photographer and friend Silke Hase took photos of Rachel working with clay at her Clifton Residency at Harvard. Not long after, several of Silke's photos were featured in Antilipseis, a Greek magazine. Now, Antilipseis is organizing an exhibition in Athens of photographs from past issues of the magazine, called "Photovision 2011". The exhibition will travel to some other Greek cities. The photo above will be traveling with the exhibition.
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