If The Shoe Fits

If The Shoe Fits


year created: 2005


length: 1 hour and 20 minutes


number of performers: 7 performers


technical requirements: The original theater had a balcony; a wooden set structure can be built to accommodate the upper level activity. The crocheted set can be adapted to be hung in various ways according to the space. A simple pulley system is constructed to allow the shoe lights to fly in and out and the crochet wall to be pulled off by the performers.


costumes by: Olek


music by: Chris Becker


lighting by: Simon Harding


hair and makeup by: Darby Shields and Maria de Los Angeles


summary: The Cinderella story through a surreal kaleidoscope of theater, dance, visual art, video, and clown techniques, 20 lbs of flour, and 400 square feet of crochet. The 7-performer ensemble explores the expectations we harbor as would-be protagonists in our personal blends of traditional fairy tales and myths, how we fail to live up to them, and yet persevere.

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